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Coach O’D Summer Baseball Camp is here!

Coach Tim O’Donoghue’s Summer Baseball Camp is on!  Below is a summary of the dates and we’ve attached the info on the camp as well. 

There will be two camps for players ages 7-13.  One next week (6/29) and one the week of 7/20.  

You can also head over to for more details!

TELL 2020 Season Update - 6/17/20

Hello TELL Family,

In the last few days, the TELL Board has reviewed all of our options and due to the coronavirus delays and the uncertainties around rescheduling all of our teams and volunteers, the TELL board has reluctantly voted to conclude the unfinished 2020 Spring season. HOWEVER, we are happy to announce that we are making preparations to participate with TWLL in a possible summer baseball program.  

During the COVID shut down, Little League International made an exception (for 2020 only) to allow players from closed leagues to play for local leagues that are remaining open.  As you may have heard, our neighbors at TWLL are hopeful to continue their season and they have informed us that TELL players will have the option to participate in the resumption of their season. 

It is important to note that TWLL has informed us that resuming games is not guaranteed as local guidelines do not yet allow youth sports games (only practices).  Additionally, TWLL's return is 100% contingent upon TUSD approving their application, permitted dates and safety protocol.  However, in the event the season does resume, here is a brief summary about what we know about the anticipated TWLL season, should you elect to take part.  Hopefully, this will answer some questions you have:

  • Schedule - Season schedule is tentatively July 7th to August 8th or August 15th.
  • Safety - TWLL is finalizing a COVID mitigation plan that will be reviewed by TUSD.  Here is a link to the current plan that is pending approval.  
  • Team Construction - Once there is a final count of returning players in both leagues, decisions will be made regarding how TELL players will be placed (whether they are full teams or individual players placed with existing TWLL teams). 

We will work with TWLL to communicate as we learn more information.  Much like everything the last three months, we are learning as we move forward.  We are grateful to TWLL President Chris Blevins and the TWLL board for being partners in our community during these very unique circumstances.

Based on these considerations, we are offering the following options for our players.

·      OPTION A – Request a partial refund for the 2020 season – Refunds must be requested through e-mail to by Wednesday, 7/1/2020.  If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you are donating the refund.  Any and all donations are truly appreciated, as they help to offset future expected costs for field maintenance, etc. during fall ball and upcoming spring season

o   Single A, AA, AAA, Majors, Challengers - $50

o   T-Ball, Coach Pitch - $35

o   Please include your name, your player’s name, division, and address for a check to be mailed if it is different from when you registered for this season.

·      OPTION B – Continue playing as part of TWLL’s resumed 2020 season.  This option will mean forgoing the $35/$50 refund to cover expenses for the remainder of the season (facilities, safety supplies, etc.)  We will need a response by Monday, June 22nd to assist in planning.  

Please note that we are only offering a partial refund as a majority of our expenses were incurred prior to the season beginning.  These include, but are not limited to, baseball equipment, field maintenance, facility fees, uniforms, and league insurance.  The refund is the reallocation of funds that weren’t spent during the 2020 season.

Take care, be safe and healthy.

TELL News and Updates - 6/17/20

  • Angels Ticket Refunds - All Angel ticket refunds have been sent.  If you have not received your refund, please contact your Team Parent so we can coordinate any outstanding items.
  • Pictures - Many of you have inquired about the status of our pictures.  We heard from our photographer over the weekend and expect to have them in the next two weeks.  Once we have an exact delivery date, we will communicate how they will be distributed.
  • 2020-21 Board - We will be reaching out to see who will be interested in being part of the 2020-21 TELL Board.  For those of you who have already expressed interest, you can expect an e-mail or call in the coming weeks.  With a significant turnover on the board, we will continue to need new volunteers in a very important year for our league.

In the coming days and weeks, we will continue to inform you as we learn more.


2020 TELL Events

Below is a summary of our events for the 2020 season.  Pass these on to your families and friends as we approach the new year!

TELL – 2020 Volunteer Program

Welcome to the 2020 TELL season.  As we begin preparation for next year, we want to communicate our updated volunteer program that is designed to communicate the numerous ways that you can contribute to the continued success of our league.  As you may know, TELL is a non-profit organization that relies on our dedicated volunteers to keep our league going strong.  It takes a diverse group of individuals with a diverse set of skills to help maximize the impact we have on our kids. 

As we do each year during registration, we will be asking you to inform the league of where you can commit your time for the categories listed below. 

Volunteer Commitment:

For this season, we are implementing a credit system that will bring focus to key areas of need. A total of six (6) credits per player will satisfy the volunteer commitment.  Credits are based on the approximate time commitment for each of the associated responsibilities.  Below is the list of duties and their associated credits:

Board Member – 6 credits

Team Manager – 6 credits

Team Parent – 6 credits

Team coach – 6 credits

Umpire – 3 credits (Single A thru Majors)

Snack Shack – 3 credits

Scorekeeper – 1 credit (Single A thru Majors)

There will be opportunities throughout the season to earn volunteer hours for working special events and field days.  Some of the fun things we do that require help are  Opening day, Grandparents day, Pancake breakfast, Closing ceremonies and field days prior to the season starting and during the season. 

If your schedule does not permit, you may choose the option of a $250 tax deductible donation to the league, per player, to cover the six credits.  The donation for a family with more than one player is $350.

Our board members will be working with managers and coaches to ensure that the volunteer work is spread as equally as possible between all our families.

An important reminder is all volunteers must complete a volunteer application each year to be used for a background search.


Volunteer obligations must be scheduled by April 15th for scheduling purposes. 

Thank you very much for taking the time to volunteer.  Your involvement in the league is so important to our growth and success.

We look forward to seeing you all soon at our fields.

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